Top 8 highest mountain of Nepal

highest mountains of nepal

Nepal is a small country with geographical diversity and also called a country of mountains. There is a wide range altitude variation in Nepal with a 59 m grass level to 8848 m to the peak. Numbers of high mountains can be found in Nepal along with the highest peak of the world Mount Everest. There are only 14 mountains in the world above 8000m out of which 8 mountains are located in Nepal. There are 80 peaks above 7000 m and 1310 peaks above 6000 m. some melting glaciers and mountains are the major sources of rivers and lakes in Nepal. Some of the peaks are opened for climbing out of which trekking to base camp is famous among the travelers.

Here are the top 8 highest mountains of Nepal above 8000 m

Mount Everest:

It is the highest mountain in the world which is part of the Mahalangur Himalayan range and lies in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The height of Mount Everest is 8848 m which was 1st ascended by Sir Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in 1953. A large number of tourists come to visit the Khumbu region to have a stunning view of Mount Everest. As well as every year many people from different countries come to climb Mount Everest. It is one of the best places to visit in Nepal as well as in the world. Everest region is famous for trekking all over the world due to its landscape beauty and breathtaking views. Namche Bazaar, the Tengboche monastery, Sagarmatha national park and vantage point of Kala Patthar. The Everest massif also consists of the Lhotse peak and the Nuptse Himal.

Mount Everest- highest mountain in the world


Mount Kanchenjunga is the 2nd highest mountain of Nepal and 3rd that highest that of the world with a height of 8586 m. it is situated about 125 km southeast of Mount Everest at the northern Kanchenjunga Himalayan range. It consists of five prominent peaks which are known as five treasures of the snow. The mountains peaks are held as sacred and holy by local people and since it is in remote region trekking to it is difficult and seldom happens.

The mountain is part of the Kanchenjunga conservation area and also known as “the Kanchenjunga demon”. The massif of the mountain form a watershed to many rivers of Nepal. Many tourists come to visit and view the scenic beauty of mount Kanchenjunga. Trekking in this region is quite difficult and not famous like in other mountains.


It is the 3rd highest mountain of Nepal and the 4th highest mountain of the world with a height of 8516 m. it lies in the Khumbu region and also part of the Mahalangur Himalayan range. Lhotse Mountain is famous for trekking as an alternative of Everest base camp trekking among tourists which share much of the same route as EBC. It is the border between Nepal and Tibet and 1st ascended by Ernst and Fritz Luchsinger in 1956. The face of Lhotse is often described as “a wall of blue ice” and full of incomparable beauty.

Mount Makalu:

Mount Makalu is the 5th highest mountain of and also known as the Himalayan pyramid due to its structure. It is 8481 m high which lies 22 km southwest of Mount Everest at Khumbu region and also a part of Mahalangur Himalayan is named after the name of Hindu god Shiva and also known as Kumba Karna due to giant size. Chomo Lonzo and Kangechungtse are subsidiary peaks and 1st ascended by Lionel terry and Jean Couzyon 15 May 1955. It is considered one of the most difficult 8000m mountains to climb and famous for the beautiful Makalu valley. A valley at the base of Makalu with glacier and white rivers and brimming with a stunning contrast of cascading waterfalls as well as huge boulders from a green forest. Barun Valley is a sanctuary for animals and famous for cultural diversity and mount Makalu receives few trekkers.

Mount Cho Oyu:

The sixth highest mountain in the world at 8188 m above the sea level which is also known as “Turquoise Goddess”. It stands between Nepal and china border and part of Mahalangur Himalayan region 20 km away from Mount Everest. The mountain is also known as “the mighty head of the goddess” or “the bald god”. On October 19th, 1954 Joseph Jochler, Herbert Tichy and Shepa Pasang Dawa lama successfully submitted the mountain.


Dhaulagiri often called the shining white mountain which is the seventh highest mountain in the world. The massif Dhaulagiri extends from the Kaligandaki River all the way to Bheri. Dhaulagiri I and mount Annapurna I creates the world’s deepest gorge- the Kaligandaki gorge between these two mountains. Trekking on Dhaulagiri is quite famous for those trekkers who love less crowded areas for trekking journey. The massif Dhaulagiri includes Dhaulagiri III, IV, V, VI, VII, the main Churen Himal, east-west Churen Himal, and other peaks. The mountain rises from Kaligandaki River and also becomes conspicuous from north Bihar on clean weather. The mountain was 1st climbed on May 13th, 1960 and the height of the mountain is 8167m from sea level.

Mount Manaslu:

It is also known as the mountain of sprit located at Gurkha district and part of the Mansiri Himalayan range. It is 8156m high and 1st ascended by Arthur Hajer, Gyalzen Norbu and Toshio Imanishi. It is 64 km away from the mount Annapurna and is the 8th highest mountain in the world. It is part of the Manaslu conservation area and also an ancient salt trading route along the Budhi Gandaki River. It is also famously known as “a wall of snow and ice hanging in the sky” which includes Ngadichuli, Himalchuli, and Baudha as other important peaks.

Mount Annapurna I:

Mount Annapurna I is the 10th highest mountain of the world with an elevation of 8091 m. the massif mount Annapurna is famous for trekking which also includes other 16 peaks above 600m. It is located in the north-central of Nepal and also regarded as the goddess of good fortune and wealth. The mountain lies within the Annapurna conservation area and 1st ascended by Maurice Herzog, Louis Lachend, Lionel Terray. Trekking to ABC is famous among the tourists and also attracts with its landscape beauty.

Mount Annapurna
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