Best niches for blogging: that make online money

best niches for Blogging

Are you planning to start blogging and want to earn money? Then selecting the best niches will attract more visitors and grow your income. A large number of bloggers focus on specific niches that they have interests and target their audience.

Before starting your passing of creating an article you should be aware of selecting the best niches that you have a particular interest. After you select niches you should have some idea of creating beautiful articles and publishing on your site. You can start free blogging or you can invest a small amount for hosting and publish your blogs.

To start blogging you should require

A domain name: Address of your site where you will publish your blogs. You can find free sites like BlogSpot Tumblr or pay like WordPress.

Hosting: If you are thinking to buy your own domain name and start blogging then you should require to get web hosting for storage so the visitor can access your articles.

Normally you can buy a domain and hosting on the cheap amount and start blogging. There are numbers of hosting and domain provider on the internet. If you want to earn money from a blog without making an investment then select

Selecting the best niches and publishing articles won’t make you rich overnight but it will let you earn good passive income. Many bloggers make a good income from the blog using different methods of monetization. Different advertising network allows you to run ads on your article or you can start affiliate marketing for making good income if you have good visitors as well as you can sell digital products through your site.

Top best blogging niches that make money

Before publishing an article you might have selected the best niches as per your knowledge and interest but here are some of the best niches that attract more visitors and help you to earn a good income.

Health and fitness:

you will able to find a great and huge audience if you are writing an article on this niche. Health and fitness are a huge and broad niche as well as one of the best niches to drive large traffic. It means there are millions of bloggers to compete with you.

You can select this niche and write an article on the different subject matter of health and fitness .it need great and vast research and build a beautiful article that will engage a large audience. This niche is suitable for all audience so more possibilities to find suitable titles and content to make research.

Personal finance:

It could be the best niche if you have a good idea about finance and some idea about earning more and spending less money. If you love to make a deep research on this topic you will find a great audience and great content ideas and become the best niche for you.

You can publish blogs on money-saving tips using coupons anti-consumerism as well as investing tricks. It also covers the idea of mortgages, student loans, budgeting of software and sharing your progress.


Blogging on fashion is another most popular and best niche which cover a large area and attract huge traffic. It will be a great niche if you love to post on social media and become influential. Blogging on fashion requires frequent and numbers of photographs to post and this type of blog is not for those who do not have an interest in photography.

This topic seems a good topic for women but many male bloggers are doing better and making good passive income.


It might not be the best niche for blogging to beginners as it is vast and wide topics. Making research on such wide and vast topics require huge dedication. Creating blogs on lifestyle have a large coverage area and is about writing a range of different topics connected to the same audience. You can write foods, fashion, motivation, and fitness blogs under lifestyle blogs.

Business and marketing blogs:

It would be the best niche for those who have knowledge of business and marketing as well as some background. You need to find similar content and make research on this topic will lead you to success. A different company is looking for best marketing ideas which could be your strength point. Make sufficient ideas regarding this topic and start writing blogs on tips about business startup, business growth and about the marketing of the business.

You can cover all business area or choose specific depending on your expertise and interest. As well as you can work as a consultant for companies regarding starting and growing business along with marketing.

Technology and gaming:

It is one of the best niche to start blogging and earn money online. There are a number of bloggers to compete in this niche and easy to make research on this topic. You can make income either from affiliate marketing, either directly from manufacturers and software companies. The surface review of technology and gaming product will give you lots of chances to link products using affiliate links.

Writing reviews on gadgets, software, tutorials as well as gaming tips for specific demographics.


Do you love to travel and share your memories then it would be the best niche for you to start blogs. Travelling to new places and sharing photographs, memories, your experience as well as travel tips will be awesome topics for this niche.  It one of the most popular niche for both bloggers as well as reader.  Your great photographs will help you to attract more visitors and they prefer to know about the new places and see natural beauty. It can be both enjoyments as well as a source of income for travel bloggers.

So if you want to earn money through blogging then you must have patience along with deep research of topics. Choose the best niche that fits your interest and has a clear view of how to earn through it.

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