Top 8 highest mountain of Nepal

highest mountains of nepal

Nepal is a small country with geographical diversity and also called a country of mountains. There is a wide range altitude variation in Nepal with a 59 m grass level to 8848 m to the peak. Numbers of high mountains can be found in Nepal along with the highest peak of the world Mount Everest. There are only 14 mountains in the world above 8000m out of which 8 mountains are located in Nepal. There are 80 peaks above 7000 m and 1310 peaks above 6000 m. some melting glaciers…

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The amazing facts about Nepal

amazing facts about nepal

Nepal is a small and beautiful country located mainly in the Himalayan region and between two big countries India and China. It borders China in the northern side and India on the east-west and south face and also a landlocked country. There are so many amazing facts about Nepal that the whole world is still unknown about it. Some of the amazing facts about Nepal are: Extreme territory among giants: Nepal is a small country that has territory up to only two big countries India and China. China is on…

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Most beautiful places to visit in Nepal

places to visit in nepal

Nepal is a small country with numerous beautiful places to visit and rich in cultural diversity. Trip to Nepal and having an awesome view of high mountains is one of the most desired dreams of many travelers. Birthplace of Gautam Buddha, high Himalayas, and other many natural places make Nepal a top destination for many travelers. Nepal is boasted with the most diverse landscape on the planet from snowcapped mountain fast following rivers to subtropical forest. Even it is a small country it has vast diversification in culture, a profusion…

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Best niches for blogging: that make online money

best niches for Blogging

Are you planning to start blogging and want to earn money? Then selecting the best niches will attract more visitors and grow your income. A large number of bloggers focus on specific niches that they have interests and target their audience. Before starting your passing of creating an article you should be aware of selecting the best niches that you have a particular interest. After you select niches you should have some idea of creating beautiful articles and publishing on your site. You can start free blogging or you can…

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The top online business idea with low investment

Online business idea

Are you planning to start a business with low investment or with no investment that has low risk and high conversion? Then online business is the best option for you. Online business is one of the emerging business ideas for earning a good income for low investment. With some basic knowledge of the internet and technology, you can start your online business today and make money. Here are some online business ideas that can make good passive income: Start blogging: Starting to blog is a good online business idea to…

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